Separation of artist title in the file name

I have some mp3 that are labeled weirdly. the basic naming scheme is artist and title but there are no separations between the two fields for example: artist titlleofsong

some of the artists names are multiple hyphenated such as "Jill Scott" or "The Gap Band".

In order to get things in order, I'm using a combination of

%artist% %title% or %artist% %artist% %title% or %artist% %artist% %artist% %title% to get the correct separation of the artist and title fields.

Is there a way to do this in one single action?

No. Without a unique separator this can't be automated.

And please don't forget the ARTIST names with even more "parts", like
"Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band"
"Huey Lewis and the News"
this goes up to
"The Powers of Darkness Shall Rain Blood Upon This City for 500 Years"
(An ARTIST name with 13 words...)

thats what I thought also

Unless the artist's name is stored somewhere else, e.g. the folder name so that it can be taken from there, then there is little chance as the string in the filename is just that: a string of characters.
If you can get the artist's name from somewhere else, then you can use that data and search for it in the title and delete it there.
But if you have to say "no" to all these ideas, then @LyricsLover 's

stays valid.

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