Seperate Artist Field to leave only 1 artist

have a question is it possible when when sorting the tags out that if there is more than one artist in the artist feed the second artist is put in another column so for example let's say you had add Calvin Harris, Drake as Calvin Harris is the main artist only he appears in the artist column and Drake is either deleted or added to the title off the track

The reason I am asking this is I use some software by recordbox and want to be able to set searches to look for for similar tracks by an artist but when it has two artists separated by a comma it fails

many thanks in advance for your help and once again for your great work

Thanks Bart

Before you throw anything away, test how your player can cope with multivalue fields (which is one type of field appears several times).
So look for those files that have an artist with comma with a filter
artist HAS ,
then apply an action of the type "Split field by separator" where you use the comma as separator.
This should create a field ARTIST for every string that is separated by the comma.
You can see these fields in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)
Once you have split the field, you can decide whether you want to add that contents to another field.