Seperate the Title field into it and Artist

I thought this would be a common problem but I can't not find an easy workaround for it despite many hours of searching here (though I am new and therefore a complete noob to all of this).

I have about 2,000 songs which are saved with the -

TITLE field as ARTIST / TITLE (this is the way the DB's seem to have these particular albums stored)
ARTIST field as 'Various Artist' for every song
TITLE = José Padilla / Sabor De Verano (The Way Out West Mix)
ARTIST = Various Artists

I would like to sort these out so that =

TITLE = Sabor De Verano (The Way Out West Mix)
ARTIST = José Padilla

I can swap them about and loose everything after the ' / ' seperator but I can not retain the text AFTER the ' / ' seperator to put back into the TITLE field (even tried using tempory fieldnames). Not only does my extreme noobness to all of this slow me down but the varying quantities of characters either side of the ' / ' sepertator does too.
I have tried to figure this out for so long now that my little head is fried and my brain cells have fallen out with each other (all 2 of them!) :rolleyes:

Any help in simple to understand layout would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks in advance as well for any time spent reading this.


Here is an example: /t/6948/1
Just adopt your separator char.

howdy y'all,

i think i have a VERY similar problem.

just bought the silva screens science fiction collection and they have the tags fairly munged [sigh ...] to be specific ...

TITLE = Aliens - James Horner
ARTIST = James Horner

sometimes the ARTIST field is filled with "various artists", tho. [sigh ...]

so what i wanna do seems pretty similar to the desire of the op. i want to grab the 2nd part of TITLE [after the " - "] and put that in ARTIST. then i wanna grab the 1st part of TITLE [before the " - "] and put that back into TITLE.

would some gracious person point out how to do this?

i went thru the "Regular Expressions, Examples of actions with Regular Expressions" thread in support and had no luck. i think i see hints, but i aint good enuf to carry on to a solution.

help, please?

take care,

howdy dano,

kool! thanks, dude. i was typing while you were answering. [grin] that's just what i needed.

take care,


Many thanks for this, I am struggling to understand most of the stuff in here but one day maybe :slight_smile: