Sequence order by date

Hello everyone,

I have several music created on different dates. I would like to rename their title by adding at the beginning a sequence (0,n) ordered by their creation date.

Ex :
"Music 1" (created on 2023-01-01) rename to "0 - Music 1"
"Music 2" (created on 2023-01-01) rename to "0 - Music 2"
"Music 3" (created on 2023-01-05) rename to "2 - Music 3"
"Music 4" (created on 2023-01-06) rename to "3 - Music 4"
"Music 5" (created on 2023-01-06) rename to "3 - Music 5"

Is it possible to do that ?
Thank you !

I am not quite sure what the criterion is ...
So what I make of the information:
The counter should be increased if the date changes.
Try the track numbering wizard and set the trigger for a new disc to the field where the data is saved.
check the field DISCNUMBER whether the correct number is saved.

The create a filename that uses among others the field DISCNUMBER

Concretely, what I want is to be able to order my music by date of creation based on their name (my mp3 by default orders the music by their name).

So I was thinking of adding a sequence number to the name of the music. This sequence number will be ordered by the date of creation of the music.

Thus, the oldest music will have the lowest sequence numbers, and the most recent music the highest sequence numbers.

Have you tried my suggestion?

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