Sequential Dates for Zune Podcasts

I have a quick question that I can’t seem to answer looking at the archives of the forums. Here’s the problem.

My wife has a Zune and wants to listen to audio books ripped from CDs. I have used MP3Tag to provide sequential track numbers and change the Genre to Podcast with no problem. The reason I want to put the tracks on the Zune as Podcasts is so she can resume listening where she left off. Accessing the tracks as music does not allow this function.

However, Microsoft only allow you to access Podcasts in time and date order. What I want to do is set the Date field to some date in the past and sequentially change the date for each track in the folder. As an example, the first track could have a date of 1/1/04, Track 2 would be 1/2/04, etc. This would let her listen to each track in order and I could move on to other challenges.

Thanks for your help, great program!

You can try to set the YEAR field (or the field that is used for date at the Zune) using a new action:

Action type: Format value
Field: YEAR
Formatstring: 1/%track%/04