Serato tags messed up

I have used MP3Tag for years on Mac (in combination with the Wineskin tool).
At last, a Mac version!

I installed the trial version the day before yesterday, and the conclusion is this:
the Mac version seemed great but messed up my Serato tags!

=> Colour codes: I got some weird colours in Serato, some colours disappeared, other files changed colours.
=> Some files are now unlocked: beatgrids are unlocked, and are no longer correct in most cases
=> Some tags in the comments field have vanished
=> Some files now have new cue markers in weird colours, when I play these files, Serato freezes.
=> Some files got corrupt.

The files were all MP4 music videos.

I used MP3Tag for tag conversion to uppercase.

What did I do wrong?

Can you share some of the original files so I could reproduce it here? I'm not a Serato user, but I know that quite some DJs are already using Mp3tag for Mac and I haven't heard anything like that before.

Did you process the files locally or on an external or networked drive?

Please also provide detailed version numbers of both Mp3tag and Serato.

Hi Florian.
Here are some files to test (both MP3 and MP4).

I processed the files on an external (Lacie Rugged) hard drive.
I'm using the latest version of Serato (2.5.0) and I used the trial version of MP3Tag for Mac (1.1.4).

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the example files. Can you give directions on what to do to reproduce the issues you've described?

I applied the action script for case conversion, all upperscript.
I may have removed unnecessary id3v1 tags before that.
Anyway, it resulted in the issues I described.

You will need Serato DJ Pro to test. You can download it for free. You will see that my files have been tagged and that some have been colour coded. All files have a key lock symbol (meaning the beatgrid is locked) . You can only edit the beatgrid if you open up the lock by control-clicking it. It seems MP3Tag for Mac somehow changed the beatgrids (some files got unlocked) and colour codes, amongst other things...
Thanks for looking into this.

I've applied the Case Conversion to UPPER for _TAG for the test files and used the "Rescan ID3 Tags" option from Serato. I've also accidentally messed up my whole local library by first pressing the "Analyze Files" option which made Serato write all kinds of tags into my files.

I could not reproduce the issue where the color codes and locked beat grids have been removed by Mp3tag for Mac for the MP3 files. They still show as locked and the color is also present.

I could reproduce the issue with MP4 and Serato which shows as "corrupted file" after applying the case conversion to UPPER for all tag fields via _TAG. I've analyzed the file and it was in no way corrupted ā€” so I looked further.

Serato is storing all kinds of internal metadata in the file's tags. As you can see from the screenshot, there is a field for BEATGRID and also fields for MARKERS, MARKERSV2 and so on. The contents of those fields consist of both upper- and lowercase letters and numbers, basically binary data encoded as strings.

So if you apply an all fields upper-case action, those Serato metadata fields also get converted to uppercase, which is confusing to Serato and breaks the functionality of those fields.

I might be able to hide those Serato fields with a future update of Mp3tag for Mac. For now, I recommend being more selective in the fields you apply the actions to.

Hello Florian. Thank you so much for solving this mystery.
From now on, I will apply the uppercase action to the artist and title fields only. Those are the only fields that I would like to be in uppercase, anyhow.

Sorry to hear you've accidentally messed up your local library. I guess you now have the beatgrid and markers tags in your tags..

Thanks for the great piece of software and the outstanding support.
I've just purchased the Mac version!


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Many thanks for your support! Iā€™m glad that you like Mp3tag :slight_smile: Let me know if something pops up anytime in the future. Now that I'm becoming a Serato expert, I can try to maybe make the two even more compatible.

And no problem with the updated tags ā€” I'm quite picky with my library and have good backups :smiley:

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