Series Sort field not working

I number a series to make it easy to see which book comes next. I am using 1.8.9 that I installed today. Previously when I entered the number into the field it accepted and updated it, but now it doesn't do anything. It appears that the information is being saved but it isn't being shown in the table. I have some actions that will also copy the Series Part over to Track and Disc but since the data isn't showing in the table, it doesn't copy over to Track and Disc but instead clears them out as if the data is blank. Any one have any ideas?

Please don't use the enclosing percent characters when defining fields for the Tag Panel. Field should be SERIES-PART and not %SERIES-PART%

Damn youre fast at responding lol. Is that a new change? I set it up that way when I first installed mp3tag awhile back and renamed a thousand audiobooks. So I changed it in the Tag Panel, but it still isn't showing in the table. I went in and recreated the tag and it seems to be working now. The value in the File List screen was blank.

It's not a new change, fields in the Tag Panel are only using the field name without the percent signs. If you change the configuration, it doesn't automatically change what's written to your tags.

You can see in your screenshot of Extended Tag, that the file you've initially tagged with %SERIES-PART% now also has a %SERIES-PART% field. Only after saving with the correct field name SERIES-PART, the change is reflected also elsewhere in the app.

It can be confusing to distinguish between the different configuration options for Tag Panel and File List, so I'm adding a link to the documentation just for reference:

Definitely confusing for me, but i'm still pretty inexperienced with this. I guess I'm not following why it worked recently but then stopped. I have 1300 audiobooks that have all been processed by mp3tag (thank you for that time savings!), many of those are part of a Series and would have been treated the same way I am treating the books in my screenshots. The change from Series Sort to Series Part was done just now as I was investigating why the Series Sort was no longer working.

Either way, it appears to be working as I needed again. So thank you!