Set Album tag to %directory%

Dear community,

I am almost sure I am missing something - please help. The problem:

I have a filesystem with a very high sophisticated name system

Now I want to make it 'streaming-proof' or 'tag-proof'

The mp3-file has the structure

composer opus-nr opus-title movement-nr movement-title

it is in a subdirectory

composer opus-nr opus-title artist

What I want to do is: Set the tag album to %directory%.

I thought it would work with
converter %directory% into the selection-field and then on the right as destination - but unfortunately that's not the way, that just puts %album% into the selection-field. Who can help, please ?

My idea would be in the converter-menu an option 'tag - tag' with appropriate select-options.

Regards, Bernd.

Use Convert > Filename - tag
and enter

THANKS ! That's it !

And how could I have found it by myself ?

You saved my weekend - I was so close and then I thought: in vain...

And now it works.

Regards, Bernd.