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I appreciate the support of this software.
My improvement proposal is that it is possible to identify with colors, the rows that I already edit, in order to differentiate them from other rows to be edited. The idea is that I can choose colors for rows, in order to help visually, in the editing of many audio files.
I hope I have expressed myself well.
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Agradezco el soporte de este software.
Mi propuesta de mejora, es que sea posible identificar con colores, las filas que ya edite, de modo de diferenciarlas de otras filas por editar. La idea es yo puedad escoger colores para filas, de modo de ayudar de forma visual, en la edición de muchos archivos de audio.
Espero haberme expresado bien.
César HR

For me, the question is: do you apply the colour before you edit the files or when you have finished?
If you need that colour when you have finished, then you could use a user-defined field instead like %done% that you fill and then filter for files with
%done% MISSING
as this means that they still have to be treated.
The filter could be combined with other filter criteria.

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Ideally, it is with the right click of the mouse, choose a color for the row and voila,
that would help to have an overview of the edited files, to be edited, or others to get information from the artist

I did not say anything against your proposal.
I just tried to point a way of labelling files with a function that already exists.
So that while you wait for the implementation you have a workaround.

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Excuse me, on the contrary, VERY GRATEFUL for your proposal
Hope the software developer can implement it
it would be great
give him the data if you know the developer