Set Cover Description

I was wanting to customize the columns and add "Cover Description". But I don't know what the "value" or "field" would be. I don't see it listed in the Extended Fields or the Information Fields. I thought it might be something like - %_cover_description% But that doesn't work. I know you can see it the extended field of a track but I want to see what it is for all the tracks so I can see which one is different without having to look at every track on the cd.

%_cover_type% is available in the list of Information fields.
Also %_cover_mimetype%.

Thanks but unfortunately that doesn't give you the "Cover Description". %_cover_type% gives Front, Back etc and %_cover_mimetype% gives image/jpeg etc

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The cover description is only available for one picture at the time.
There is currentyl no way to display the picture description as value in a column or to address it with a filter expression.

Okay thank you!