Set cover type for multiple files with different artwork


I have a new Nokia 5800 phone, it only recognises artwork with the cover type set to front cover, so I'm busy going through my music collection making sure this is the case.

However I can only change this in MP3Tag for multiple files if they all share the same piece of artwork this means I'm having to work an album at a time which is quite tedious.

It would be very useful to be able to set the cover type for multiple files even where they don't have the same artwork I could then display and sort on Cover Type (which I'm alreayd doing) but then just set Front Cover for all files where that is not currently set.

Even better would be a replace option for this field in the actions.

Any suggestions for easier ways tyo automate this would be welcome otherwise treat as a suggestion for a future release.

Regards, Martin.

I have the same issue. I converted about 30 albums worth of m4a files (with "front" covers) in Itunes to MP3 versions, which worked great, except that all the covers are now set to "other".
It would be great if you could simply change the setting for multiple files with different covers.

Another suggestion for improvement:

  • could you add the cover specs as fileds that can be shown as columns? such as image type, aspect ratio, file size, cover type.
    At the moment you have to click each file to see what the cover details are on the left hand side next to the picture.

Setting cover type for multiple files is already on my todo list.

This has been added with Mp3tag v2.47.