set cover type & set cover description

Hello good afternoon

I am new to the mp3tag community
I want to thank you in advance if you would help me to solve some doubts that I would like to solve are the following:

  • set type of cover: a few days ago I was experimenting with the mp3tag program it occurred to me to put a second cover or image to a song after that the track already had two covers but then applied right click with the mouse and look that I had 2 options {set cover type & set cover description}
    According to my hypothesis, the music player (player pro) would show me two covers in a song or track.

  • set description of cover:
    In this option I didn't see almost any change. Add a description to the 2 images you had in a song.

note: all this is hypothesized according to what I think would happen if someone has a short and clear answer I would greatly appreciate it and in case there was a way to apply 2 images on a track or song (front cover & back cover) I am all ears

MP3tag has no influence on the features of the player.
Only very few support that.
You would have to import every cover type in separate actions or imports.