Set multiple covers for different tracks from the same album?

I tried doing that and the only media player that displays all of them is VLC, all the others just show the cover of the first track. Are there any workarounds?

as this is a feature of the player, I doubt that MP3tag can do anything about it.

I think it should work in foobar, though you may have to keep the tracks un-selected while playing.

Perhaps assigning differing discumbers would trick some player to update the cover? Not likely though, just a long-shot...

Did you mean Disc Numbers? If so then I already did

I'm confused. You set different covers for different, individual tracks? But only one cover per track? And the covers are embedded per standard tagging?

I do that all the time, and never have a problem. Each track displays whatever cover is embedded. I just checked again, and a Ford F-150 and a BMW X3 both did as expected. As does plain old WMP.

But just to be clear, there is no image file of any kind in the folders, just embedded cover images.

Here's a pic of what it should look like VS what it looks like on most media players:

No DISCNUMBER should be correct, but as I said it's a long-shot anyway.

But as @astrohip says, it works without any trick in some players.

I just tried this again, with another generic MP3 player in Windows. And it does what it should, displays the cover that is embedded.

While I don't doubt what you're seeing, I'm amazed it can happen. When playing a track, how does it even know (or care) what the tag info was for a previous track? It would be like displaying the song name from another file. Why would it read song titles but not covers? Is it possible it's only showing the wrong cover when it displays all the files in a list (like your reply above), but actually shows the correct one when playing?

Good luck with this!

The player/server could be reading from its own index (instead of reading the tags), or it could be caching the cover of the first track only.

I could see where it reads from an index, or external source. I actually had that problem with one player, and I didn't always like its choices. That's what led me to retag every album I had with embedded covers. Took me about two months.

As far as caching info, also a possibility, but that would be such poor programming.

This is generally a player issue. Many simply use the first track to establish the artwork by album to reduce the amount of caching required. If the player allows it, choose the option to always prefer embedded artwork so the playing track displays the correct cover by track. But note that most will still only show the first track artwork when browsing the full album in library views.