Set tag(s) o specific value

just discovered MP3TAG and already ave a question
I have a set of files with "invalid" tags (for exmple all the "Title" tags of an album contain the name of the album , so there is no way to
identify each title

is it possdible to replace the "Title" tag with the file name (which is correct)

Can it be done at once for all the titles of an album ?

How should I do ?

Thanks for your help

Select all files that should get the treatment.
Use the function Convert>Filename-Tag
as format string - you will see a preview.
Click OK to apply the function.

If there is more data in the filename than just the title (e.g. the TRACK number), then show us a typical filename so we can devise a format string to recycle as much information as possible, e.g.

01 - Yellow Submarine

could fill 2 fields:
%track% - %title%