Set tag to value of another in script?

Is there a way to set the value of one tag to another? For example I have this:

Album Artist

outputto "Artist"
findinline ""
findinline ""
sayuntil ""

But I also want to set "Band" to the exact same value as "Artist". I tried this:

set "Band" "Artist" # didn't work
set "Band" %Artist% # didn't work

Other thoughts? Thanks.

outputto "Band"
sayoutput "Artist"

Dano, if possible, talking little more about this command please.

I see "sayoutput" only in IF operation in custom scripts, but if I want say one output to two or more tags?


outputto "Album Artist"
sayoutput "BAND"
findinline ""
sayuntil ""

this didn't work, no value in BAND tag..

outputto "BAND"
findinline "<artist><name>"
sayuntil "</name>"

outputto "Album Artist"
sayoutput "BAND"

First fill BAND tag, then copy BAND to Album Artist

many thanks dano!
sorry for nub questions :rolleyes: