Setting album art for many songs

Hi guys so in my music collection, I have all my music tagged by title, album and artist
the problem is, in every album only the first song has album art for me. is there an action where it takes the album art of one song in the album and applies it to every song?
thanks guys

Sorry, i got it by myself. In case anyone wants,
export album covers to %album%.jpg and then import from %album%.jpg

MP3tag does not know anything about

as it does no know anything about albums.
You could do the following:
Execute an action of the type "Export covert to file" that first exports the already embedded album art. Use as
Format string: %artist%_%album%
Now filter for those files that do not have album art:
%_covers% MISSING
Select all displayed files,
then apply an action to import the covers with an action of the type "Import cover from file"
Format string: %artist%_%album%.jpg

You could then refresh the filter by pressing F3 twice. Ideally, now no files should be displayed. If there are still some left, then there was no cover file for them in the file system, either because none got exported or the names do not match.

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Exactly, thanks for the quick reply! Really appreciate it

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