setting padding size

another cry for help
i am having problems seeing the tag data with my iriver h320, one of the topics on misticriver suggest setting the padding size to 512 bytes.
can Mp3tag do this and also tell me what size the padding is to start with.

many thanks
will get the hang of tagging some day


You cannot manually set the padding size in MP3Tag. The program automatically decides how much bytes to use based on the slack space (so the resulting file size is a multiple of the file system cluster size).

This assumption isn't true anymore with Mp3tag v2.33a, is it ?

It seems to create 2048 byte long ID3v2 tag whatever the filesize was.

Yes. This was changed with Mp3tag V.2.32p.

I noticed that Mp3tag v2.33a enlarge existing ID3v2 tag up to 2048 bytes.

Is 2048 bytes becooming a kind of standard ID3v2 length ?

Mp3tag simply uses 2048 bytes of padding by default now.