Settings backup and restore


It would be good if Mp3tag for Mac could backup and restore settings... and also import settings from the Windows version.

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Thanks also for the suggestions. Import of settings from the Windows version is one of the things I’m hesitant to do — it would require re-implementing the settings formats from Windows and I’d have to deal with missing action types and other differences in the Mac version.

Regarding backup of settings: Mp3tag for Mac uses the User Defaults system of macOS. If you're familiar with the command line, you can use the defaults tool, e.g.,

defaults export app.mp3tag.Mp3tag ~/Desktop/Mp3tag.plist


I didn't know about the User Defaults system.
Can you use
defaults import ~/Desktop/Mp3tag.plist app.mp3tag.Mp3tag
to restore the settings?

Perhaps, this is something that could be implemented in the future... if the Mac version gets to be on par feature-wise with the Windows version.

To restore the settings it's

defaults import app.mp3tag.Mp3tag ~/Desktop/Mp3tag.plist

If you're curious, you can use defaults help for lots of other options.

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