Settings deleted after updating to v2.84e

deleted all my settings, actions etc & re-set all columns

Could you check...
the folder %appdata%\mp3tag
and see if your old user settings are there?

And/or check the previous installation folder and look for the same thing.

Have you changed the installation type from portable to standard or vice versa?

%appdata%\mp3tag is folder that items were deleted from. was 63 items now the 2 basic.

No change from type just like always install new version on top of old, no portable no change last 8 years no problem till now.

there is no previous folder as it installs on top of old version

also columns were all re-set

this is first version that did this.

win7 ultimate (64 bit) 8 gigs ram. no updates ever.

Hope you had a backup of your settings. I've just did a code review on this issue and could not find any situation which would delete your configuration when simply updating.

Can you somehow reproduce this?

Kind regards
– Florian