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I would suggest to remove the settings from registry, and put them in an ini file.


As Mp3tag exports the settings to an easy restoreable file at every run and the registry settings are per user, I don't see any benefits of using a ini file.

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The only benefit would be that all settings are still available after a format c:
(I don't use to install apps all over if they just work out of their folder)

Sorry for that, I believe I missunderstood the topc title- 1:30 AM


You could export the registry branch where the MP3Tag settings are stored.

Start, Run, regedit, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius

Select File, Export... and make sure that Selected branch: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius is selected.


Mp3tag automatically does this when closing the application. It's the file mp3tag.reg in the

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I support this request.

OK, but just few users will find this information here.

You could use .ini file per user too.

Single (.ini) file would be clear, now it's too confusing, there are many files, it's in zip archive... It's almost impossible to find it (reg file) if you don't know where and how to find.


There is File > Save configuration which tells every user how to restore the previously saved configuration.

Sorry, but switching to ini files is still not planned.

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