Several advanced fields missing in "Tag Panel"

I miss several advanced fields in "Tag Panel" for: Composer, Encoded by...

I'd like to change/remove several comments (above) for more files at once.

Some ot these items are also in Winamp, so I wonder why they are missing in the best mp3tag editor. :slight_smile:

Please see the Roadmap :slight_smile:

You can edit advanced fields via View, :mt_tag: Tags... or by adding a column for that field to the file view.

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~ Florian

I tried to find it, of course, but unsuccessfully.

I still think, current behavior is complicated and confusing and it's a bit strange that it's easier to change those values in mp3 player (winamp) than in mp3tag editor. :huh:

Most users will never read this forum or help and never find this (hidden) feature.

It should be in Tag Panel as option - [x] / [ ] (show / hide), or as additional panel, below Tag Panel. Just my opinion.

It's not a hidden feature. It's mentioned in the forums and also available via toolbar and menu.
Anyways, as you can see from the roadmap, the feature you suggested is planned. :slight_smile:

Other features are so intuitive that this one looks as hidden. :wink:

Really? Great! :smiley:

I thought it's just below "Features which are in discussion:", not below "Features planned for the near future:"... Never mind, it's just second most important feature for me. :slight_smile:

Dreamer, I registered here just to get this question answered. ^_^ Anyway, it's not too hard to add these columns yourself after you find out what the corresponding fields are:

Composer -> %composer%
Original Artist -> %origartist%
Copyright -> %copyright%
URL -> %wwwuser%
Encoded By -> %encodedby%

URL was the one that left me confused. It would be great if you could assign defaults for these fields though, but for now I'm just happy that I can sort them to see which files have stuff or not...

Edit: Holy cow, I can't believe how many fields there are you can edit. Is there comprehensive list we can look through to see what does what? Thanks...

I'll second that - is there a listing of all official tag fields and the corresponding variable names?

dano just compiled a list of supported ID3v2 tag-field names and their mappings to other applications :slight_smile:

You can find the list at this topic in Mp3tag's help file.

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~ Florian

Thanks for the list, Florian. Good to know removing stuff Winamp doesn't use won't/shouldn't cause a problem. :slight_smile:

Add me to the list of users who would like to add tags to the panel on the left side of the screen.

I now edit the composer, conductor and band tags by selecting a group of files, right clicking and choosing Tags from the menu. Since I am usually adding these tags, I click on the add field button and type the field name (Composer) and then its value. After I have added the tags I want for this selection of files (and edited other tags), I click on the "Ok" button. This process requires a lot of keystrokes and is quite cumbersome when you make changes to many files.

I would like to add additional tag fields to the panel on the left side of the screen. Then I could just select a set of files and type the values I want in left panel. Adding and editing tags would be much faster and so much more natural with this modification.

I use MP3 and Flac files and need the Composer, Conductor, Performer and Band tags. (I use the J. River Media Center 11 player and found that it stored TPE2 tag values in its Band field so I add Band tags to my Flac fields.)

Another user recommended MP3tag to me and I really like it. Thanks for your effort in creating such a useful program.


This was already implemented in 2.35b. I recommend checking the forums before starting to bitch like you did here.

And FFS, stop bumping stuff that is half an year old.

I don't understand the FFS acronym.

Before I posted my message, I downloaded the developer release (as mp3tagv235setup.exe) from

using the link near the top of the page. I then tried it out. The about MP3tag dialog just says 2.35 and January 7, 2006 - no a,b or any other letter.

I looked at all the menu choices and tried clicking and right clicking in various locations and never uncovered the feature I was looking for.

The installation did not create a working Help system so I couldn't look for anything there.

So then I searched the forum for anything that was relevant. When I found a thread that addressed my problem, I read it. Then I commented. On many forums that would be preferable to starting a new thread. And in this case, there was a comment requesting users of the forum not to start any more threads on the subject.

I just now tried clicking on a different link on the developer release page. After installation, that version immediately exited with a runtime error.

If there is a version that provides the customization of the left panel I'd love to try it. Maybe the link near the top of the page was not up to date.

You might consider that someone you disagree with might not be totally ignorant or totally lazy. Sometimes a situation like this arises when something is wrong. Like a link that wasn't updated. Or beta s/w that doesn't work reliably for every user. The fact that your experience was not the same as mine may mean that neither of us understands what the other person has found.


The current Development Build link was pointing to v2.35n (and v2.35m before). So it's not a link which was not updated (one of the more than 4500 who downloaded the latest build would have notified me).

Please first make sure that you've installed Mp3tag v2.35n. You can check this by going to C:\Program Files\Mp3tag, right click on Mp3tag.exe and choose 'Properties'.

If you have the latest version installed please give us a little bit more feedback to the runtime error you were talking about. Does this error occurs immediately after startup or can you see the splash screen. Are some files added to the file list? Which operating system are you using?

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Just for the record.

A few days ago I downloaded and installed the developer build using the link

Download Mirrors:

That version didn't crash but the help system wasn't working and I couldn't find any evidence of the new tag feature. The "About MP3tag" dialog said v2.35 (NO letter) and January 7, 2006. I tried to install this development in addition to the working 2.34a version I had been using. The new version replaced the old version or made it inaccessible. The help system did not work. So I had not clue what was going on. Maybe the new Tag Panel feature was present but without documentation I didn't find it if it was present.

After I saw the message from Sebastian Mares, I tried uninstalling the development version I had and downloading and installing the version pointed to by the link

(check mark, MP3tag graphic) latest version: Mp3tag v2.35

near the bottom of the page. This link pointed to a different file than the file pointed to by the link at the top. This second version produced an immediate runtime error crash. I immediately emailed the error log to you. If you had asked for additional information in the error dialog, I would have supplied it.

As described below, I have already responded to your email and uninstalled the second version and instqalled the version you specified. So I can't provide more information without uninstalling the working version and reinstalling the crashing version.

I'm using Win XP on a recent laptop with 512 MB of Ram and a mobile Pentium processor (2.6 or 2.8 GHz.) I have used MP3tag for several months on MP3 and Flac files.

Today, I followed your instructions, downloading and installing another version for which you gave me a link. This version does not produce a crash and seems to operate properly. However, while I can display values for a field I added to the Tag Panel, I am unable to make any changes. I described this problem in my response to your email.

I'd be happy to contribute in futher beta testing for the Tag Panel feature.

My earlier email was a response to the email by Sebastian Mares. I reported my experience without any criticism of you or the MP3tag program.


This issue was resolved by email.

Listener forgot to press :mt_save: or Ctrl+S to apply the changes made in the tag panel.