Several Ideas

Hello all,

Congrats for the great program, it really rocks! I still have several ideas:

  1. Add an option for a vertical tag field (up/below song list, at user's choice for all the guys with tiny screens like me).

  2. If horizontal, I think the tag field could allow some more shrinking to the left (making it more narrow). To do that, Year, Track and Genre could be one below the other instead of next to each other.

  3. Tag creation from path - f. ex. I have the following path:
    F:!AUDIO & VIDEO\My Music\2. Foreign\R\Rainbow\1981 - Difficult To Cure
    Can the program be made to smart-guess album - year - artist , starting right to left, if the user predefines the format? Alternatively, if 3-4 different clipboards are added (like in MS word), the user could copy the info into them, and after that fill the fields for each track simply with Ctrl+1,2,3 or any key combo.

  4. Is it possible to add more (all available) converts - f. ex. sometimes album name is written in comments.

  5. Another useful feature probably would be "Swap fields", f. ex. Artist and Title (again all available).

  6. Maybe different type of capitalization (case conversion) will be good too.
    F. ex.:

a) Master Of Puppets
:sunglasses: Master of Puppets
c) Master of puppets

c) is used commonly here in BG. There could be a separate option for "The" or "the", according to personal preference.

Best regards



Already possible with Filename-Tag Converter and something like %album% - %year% - %artist% as format string

Is possible via Actions
e.g. write album name to comment field
Action of type "Format value",
Formatstring: %album%

Please read Help: Actions (see above) and Scripting Functions


Ok, thank you for the prompt reply, seems I missed the manual, really sorry. :frowning:


  1. I don't find a way to get the program to read form the "Path" field. I mean, Filename itself is either missing or Misc, or I want to add additionally only the album and year info. It is really not too hard manually, but still will save efforts. Even now I could open the main folder in Win Explorer, take a Text List with Snag It, edit it, and then try "Tag from text file", but even the thought of this is painful.

  2. About case conversion: Why not make the three-four options with shortcut keys and\or ready sub-menus? In this way the user will have one-click solution and will not have to change the format each time...

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In Filename-Tag converter, the whole relative path and filename is treaten as filename.
Assuming you have your files stored in d:\Music\Album\Year\Track - Artist\Some_stRAnGE_fileanme.mp3,
in this case you should load the directory d:\Music in mp3tag and run Filename-Tag Converter with
%album%\%year%\%track% - %artist%\%dummy% as Formatstring
(%dummy% just throw away parts you don't need)
If your pattern match the filename, you should see a preview of tags that would be imported.

IMHO Actions are much more powerfull feature than just some menu items, it gives you a possibility to automate the tagging process to several clicks.
The only thing you should do is to choose some well defined rules how you want to format case of different tag fields and make a bounch of actions to have your personal one click solution. :rolleyes:

Sorry, but what page are you talking about? :unsure:


Er, sorry once more, I promise to check more carefully the existing features before requesting smth again. :slight_smile:

/Off I am talking about Peer Guardian blocks it for some reason. /Off

"Some reason" doesn't help that much <_<

Is there a log or an explanation available in this program?

Well, I suppose (Shlund + Partner AG) is the problem IP. Since PG is a sort of blacklist firewall, this IP should be in their database for some reason. I would suggest just to speak with them and clear things out. I doubt that most of the users have turned on all the 5 blacklists on, or have PG at all, but still for people like me it is a little annoying to disable PG on each visit.



I think that this is something the PG users should report :slight_smile:

Actually yes, but:

  1. You are also interested in trouble free operation of the site. :wink:
  2. You will be taken more seriously by the PG staff, like programmer, like institution, etc., while I'm just a simple little user somewhere. :wink:

Still, I realize that you probably do not have much time for such trivial stuff and thank you for the spared time here. I will report to PG for the issue. :slight_smile: