Several questions on the program

Good time.

There are 3 questions on the program:

1). When searching through the Discogs ID, the ID of the release should be entered manually in the field or should it be picked up automatically from the file?

2). How can I interchange the "genre" and "style" fields in tags when loading from Discogs?
I tried to make in the script Discogs.src like this:


outputto "STYLE"
json_select_array "genres" -1 ","


outputto "GENRE"
json_select_array "styles" -1 ","

does not work :(, version of the program - 2.88a

3). The Discogs script should take information from the release page and spell it separately in a file in the "media" field (CD or DVD or the like) and "Type of release", at the moment the script takes everything from the page together and writes all the data from the page release in the MEDIATYPE field - for example "CD (Max-Single)

  • prescribe separately after ISRC from the release page - in the program it is listed as the field "CATALOG ID"

How to change the script?

Thanks !

It works both ways.
Have a look at this line:

So if you have a tag DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID or DISCOGSID or DISCOGS-ID in the file the script takes this, if not you have to enter it manually.