Sharing the "actions" folder

Actions are currently stored in (for XP)

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions

Is it possible to store them somewhere else, like on the home network drive so everyone else on the home network can access them.

Yes I know if you allow this then there is the possibility of someone changing an action while some-one else is using it. My thoughts on a solution to this is to have a read only network hive, any changes are saved in the user hive and once correct can be moved (outside of mp3tag) into the network hive.

Good question. Lack of an response by now would suggest that it's not possible in Mp3tag. You might try using a shortcut to a directory on a network file share.

As I understand the implementation of Mp3tag ... it is already a multi user application.
There is a stem application installation folder e. g. "%ProgramFiles%\Mp3tag" and each user has its own data foldertree "%AppData%\Mp3tag".

If you are the admin of your home network it is so easy or so hard as you want to create a common workgroup folder on the network server which allows shared read only access to templates of Mp3tag actions.
It is up to the admin to maintain such distributed storages e. g. to collect nice actions from the user storages and share them to all users by the common template folder.

But how to access a common template folder by the user?

Quite similar as column dialog "Utils" menu, the actionsgroup "Utils" dialog should offer an option to load an alternative actionsgroup setup from any other place in the filesystem.
Then someone can choose the template folder.

Be aware that there are other problems to be solved e. g. how to integrate template actions into the user domain's set of actions or e. g. how to make sure that a copy of template can be edit or should not be edit by the user in its own user domain.