Shell Request


This is a personal request, I've been trying to sort out my context menus but Mp3tag is using shellex.

Do you know of a way I could add an icon to the context menu item or make it extended?

If not I would like to request the program icon to be added to the context menu item.

That's all :rolleyes:

Here's a similar request from 2011.
If also offers suggestions for modifications.

Thanks. It seems to be unresolved though :unsure:

yes and no - as there are different preferences where some would like to have an icon and others don't nothing has been changed.
There is still the described way to modify the context menu locally on your machine.

That's what I wanted to do, but I can't.
Some programs create simple "shell" entries in the classes section of the registry.
Those can easily be modified to have icons etc.

However, some programs, like this one use "shellex" which are a single entry referencing a DLL file (mp3tagshell64.dll) which has all the behavior info.
I have not found a way to modify those. "ShellExView" can only be used to disable or enable it.