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I was making some tests with actions in a large amount of files (~4000), in order to move %band% to %albumartist% and start using %totaltracks%, among other operations. After a few actions I noted that from a certain file all my tags were shifted, except the cover arts. Saying in other words, all the tags from track 1 of an album were at track 2, the tags of track 2 were in track 3 and so on. Since the error started in one of the first albums I was working, now I have almost 4000 files with messed up tags. I don't have a clue about how this happened. <_<

I would like to know if there is a way to make a script that let me copy the tag from one file to another, for example: copy tags from track 2 to track 1, then copy tags from track 3 to track 2 and so on. Or another exemple: copy %composer% from track "n" to track "n-1". Even this wouldn't completely solve my problem, since tags from last track of an album turned into first track of next album, but would help a lot.

I hope someone can help me, it would take so much work to correct all this mess by hand.

Thanks in advance,


if you want to copy all tags just right-click on the tracks and click "tag copy" and "tag paste"

please make sure if it is necessary to move %band% to %albumartist%.
it is only necessary when you tagged files with the new version of mp3tag with the old placeholder %band%.
Files which you have tagged with %band% with an older version of Mp3Tag have now a %albumartist% tag, because the tag remains the same, only the name/placeholder for it in Mp3Tag has changed.

Thanks for your answer and information about album artist tag.

But the problem is that now I have 4000 files messed up, its a huge work to copy one by one. I need a way to make a script for batch that.

You don't need to copy them one by one.
Just mark all files which have to be copied, copy tag, then mark all files in which the tags should be pasted and paste tag.
It' important that the files are in the same order in the mp3tag window, of course.

Great, thats it!

Thanks pone!