Shifting any word based on dividers. Is it possible?

Have finally got clean mp3s after my yesterdays attempt to find solution, which the generous member here helped me get.

now I have mp3s in this format mainly,

01 - Artist 1 - Title (Original Mix) (feat. Artist 2).mp3

thats the case in all the files.

As you can see there are 2 dividers.

I would want to achieve all the mp3s like this please.

01 - Artist 1 feat. Artist 2 - Title (Original Mix).mp3

*the feat. artist is always inside ( & ).
*the feat. is always feat.
*Format of tracks is TrackNumber Space Divider Space Artist1 Space Divider Space TitleOfTrack
*Its not necessary that (feat. XXXX) is at the end of filename. It can be anywhere in between also.

Can it be achieved?

Thanks for reading.

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Why do you fiddle about with the filenames?
Transfer the data to the tags first and then see e.g. this thread:
It deals with a lot of occurances of featuring artists.

Thanks. I read it. But I dont know what regex to use in my case.

Have you transferred the data to tags?

Yes original tags looks like this,
Artist: Mark Jous
Title: Sandra (Courage & Evenfall Remix) (feat. Eufonic)

REGEX I am using is : $regexp(%artist%,$1,1) $mid(%title%,$strstr($lower(%title%),feat.),999) - $regexp(%title%,$1,1)

After result,
Artist: Mark Jous feat. Eufonic)
Title: Sandra (Courage & Evenfall Remix) (feat. Eufonic)

Artist: Mark Jous feat. Eufonic
Title: Sandra (Courage & Evenfall Remix)

The regexp look overly complicated to me.
Check out the possibilities of a helper fields and guess value actions:
Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title

I couldnt get what this link says.

Regex I tried my best to arrange in this order. Sorry not that into technicality sire. Please suggest a solution as per my case.


$regexp(%artist%,(.),$1) $mid(%title%,$strstr($lower(%title%),feat.),999) - $regexp(%title%,(.) ((.*)),$1,1)


Now the new tags are fine.

Earlier :
Artist : Mark Jous
Title : Sandra (feat. Eufonic)

Now after the regex it looks like,
Artist : Mark Jous feat. Eufonic)
Title : Sandra

Now I need to know the way to remove parenthesis after Eufonic that I am getting. Dont know how to remove that. What to add in the regex above?

Create an action of the type "Guess value" for %title%
Guessing pattern: %title% (feat. %featartist%)

Create an action of the type "Format value" for ARTIST
Format string: %artist% feat. %featartist%

Delete user-defined field FEATARTIST

GUESS code just adds (feat.) at the end of title. What am i doing wrong?

I don't know.
Perhaps spelling, case?
It works with the given example.

Sorry for the late reply.

It worked!!

How to do with these kind of examples?

ARTIST = Dirtcaps
TRACK = Foreign Tongues (feat. Eleni Drake) (Acoustic Version)

ARTIST = Dirtcaps feat. Eleni Drake
TITLE = Foreign Tongues (Acoustic Version)

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I would use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search string: (.) (feat. (.) ((.*))
Replace string: $1 $3 (feat. $3

Which should lead to

TRACK = Foreign Tongues (Acoustic Version) (feat. Eleni Drake)

and then the already working "Guess value" action.

got the result after doing,
$1 $3 (feat. $2

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: