Shortcut for Action Presets

Is there a way to invoke a preset of actions without having to open the Actions dialog, select the preset, then clicking Apply? It seems awfully tedious when they could be added as a sub-menu for direct selection. Thanks!

You can access Actions you have created using the toolbar shortcut. There is also an Actions shortcut if you right click selected file(s) in the main window.

Yeah, that's for the individual actions. I am looking for a similar way to access a preset which is comprised of multiple actions.

Alt-6Enter executes all the ticked action in the actions dialogue.
You can save such a selection with the "Save Template" button at the bottom of the dialogue and recall that selection if it has been overwritten with other settings.
This applies to all selected actions and not just

If you name the presets accordingly with an ampersand for the shortcut key (e.g. &default) then you can call such a preset with

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Thanks. I'll give it a try. It still would be nice if these could be accessed via a sub-menu.