Shortcut for Rename Title

I mostly work with Titles, so I'm often hitting F2 thinking I'm about to rename the Title, which, as you know, renames the Filename.

What if the following shortcuts were added:
Shift F2 = Rename/Edit Title
Shift F3 = Edit Artist
Shift F4 = Edit Album
Shift F5 = Edit Track #
Shift F6 = Edit Gernre
Shift F7 = Edit Comment
Shift F8 = Edit Composer

(I'd also like the option to toggle F2 between rename Filename and Title).

Just a thought! Thanks guys for an AWESOME program!!!!

When I hit F2 Mp3tag puts me in edit mode within the left-most editable column. You could move TITLE to the far left to change the F2 behavior.

Your proposal may be useful, but it requires, that someone is willing to learn all those keyboard shortcuts.

In my adaption of the Mp3tag user interface I have arranged the columns in such a way, that I can press
[F2] to change the filename,
[F2][TAB] to change TITLE,
[F2][TAB][TAB] to change ARTIST,
[F2][TAB][TAB][TAB] to change ALBUM,
... and so on.


I should also add that you don't necessarily even need to have filename displayed in the columns. I use an action group to automatically rename files from TRACK and TITLE, so never have a need to manually edit filenames.

I see. Thanks! Ok, I can get used to [F2] [Tab]. :sunglasses:

(and I like to see my filenames. just to make sure they are correct)