Shortcut on all m3u files

bonjour, je voudrais créer un raccourci de tous mes fichiers playlist m3u. comment le faire faire à mp3tag, merci?
Hello, mp3tag is a very good tool, thanks to the creator. With it, how creating automaticaly a shortcut file for each playlist m3u file (1 m3u file per music disk, and so 1 shortcut lnk file for each m3u file), thank you.

Please use the menu File and one of the two possible (create) Playlist entries:

If you need a shortcut to your *.m3u-Files, just right click the *.m3u-files and then click on the context menu entry "Create shortcut".
AFAIK there is no automatism in Mp3tag to create *.lnk files for every *.m3u playlist file.

(I know ctrlP and ctrlshiftP).
so i must do:
cd disk1
right clic "create shortcut" disk1.m3u
cd disk 2
right clic "create shortcut" disk1.m3u
cd disk 1000
right clic "create shortcut" disk1000.m3u
it is my problem
I hoped that in modifying "filename of playlist" in "playlist choice" of mp3tag "options", it would be possible.
Thank you for your quick answer

You could search for all *.m3u files in Windows File Explorer in all your \disc- subfolders at once.

Then you right-click ONCE on the 1'000 selected *.m3u files (press CTRL+A on the *.m3u files) and create the 1'000 Shortcuts with one (left) mouse click.

Oh thank you, very good idea. But I have a popup "impossible to create shortcuts here, do you want to place the shortcut on the desktop" : it is again a problem !

It seems that you don't have enough access rights in the directories where you want to copy this new *.lnk files. You can change this access rights or try to start your Windows File Explorer as Administrator.
The exact "how-to" is beyond the scope of this Mp3tag forum, you should ask this in a Windows 10/11 forum.

Complicated problem. I think to be in admin mode. I am not sure, under explorer, that it is possible to make actions on a list of files which are not in the same directory. It is only possible when they are in the same directory.

I have a solution, the desktop elements can be extinguished from the screen with the mouse right click. So I can link 1000 playlists, they will not be seen on the screen.