Shortcut to editing for actions in Actions list

If we click the triangle sub-icon of Actions icon, a list of pre-defined by user actions appears. If we hover over a particular one and click with the left mouse button- the given action is executed

But what if we want to edit that action? We have to

1] press Escape
2] click the main Actions icon
3] scroll [through most likely much longer] list of actions
4] double click the hopefully found action with the LMB

or instead of that last one

4] right click
5] choose Edit

And that is a lot of clicking / scrolling, thus time waste. So why not create a shortcut for that?

Thus I propose this:

When after licking the triangle icon the user is going through the drop down menu of actions, if the user clicks a given action with a right mouse button instead of left, a menu with appear with two positions. The first will read "Edit" and jump right into editing window of that action; the other will read "Execute" and will simply do the same what left mouse click would have done if the user would not had evoked that menu in the first place. [And the menu should have its two positions exactly in that order: with Edit being above Execute]