Shortcut to open specific tag

I use Albumartist every day, for adding band members/musicians to all my concert recordings.
Is there a way for me to make a shortcut straight to that in the Tag Panel?
Now I have to bring up Tag Panel (with keyboard or icon click) and then click on Add Field (if there is no info already in the Tag and then scroll down the menu and click the Albumartist.
Wonderful if I can make a shortcut and place an icon for that somewhere.... It's a bit of a luxury querie this but... :slight_smile:

This is something I don't understand. The tag panel is that what you get if you press Ctrl-Q.
This shows a number of pre-set fields. There is no function to "Add field". Do you mix that with the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)?
If Albumartist happens to be the first field in the tag panel, then the focus is there immediately.
If you rename the labels for a field so that you add an ampersand in front of a (unique) letter, e.g. "A" for ALBUMARTIST so that it becomes &ALBUMARTIST then you can jump to that field with Alt-A.

Thanks, you are right, I meant Alt-T, the tags dialogue.
This looks good! Just wonder where I actually go to rename and add the ampersand?

When you see the tag panel, right-click into an area of the tag panel that is not an input field or label.
In the consequently opened menu choose "Adapt..." which opens Tools>Options>Tag-Panel.
There you see a list of the fields that are displayed in the tag-panel.
Select the one where you want to add the ampersand and click on the edit button.
Now modify the label of that field and insert the ampersand where it suits you.
Save the modifications.
Now, when the focus is in the tag-panel and you press the Alt-key, you see underlined the hotkeys that you can press to jump to that field.