Shorten the title


I am new to the forum, so apologies if I am posting this question in the wrong way.

I would like to know if there is a way to mass amend songs in the following way: a lot of my albums have the songs in the format of:artist - album title.

this means that the song title is quite long in a lot of cases and don't display properly in various players. so I would like to take away the artist names so as to leave only the title.

kind of when in excel in the replace function you take away something in the full column

does anyone know wether this is possible in mp3 tag? if not in mp3 tag, anywhere else?

I hope that you refer to TITLE (as ALBUM is the name of the album which ususally consists of a number of TITLEs).
OK: if the hyphen is a unique separator between the part you do not want and the part you want to keep then create an action of the type
Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Enter as search string: ^.* -
(add a blank after the hyphen)
Leave replace string empty.

Try this on a single file first.
Also: this may cause havock with files where the hyphen is part of the real title ... as I said: the hyphen has to be unique.

MP3s are able to have Metadata called tags.
MP3Tag is a powerful software to deal with tags.
It is very easy to with mp3tag to build a new filename out of tags.

What you want to do looks for me as changing the filenames, not the tags.
Do you have tags and especially do you habe a TITLE-Tag?
If so just use Covert - Tag -> Filename and enter %title% as format string.