Should music filenames be numbered... 01, 02, etc.?

Is there any necessary reason to have the filenames numbered, for example,
01 Tarzan Boy.mp3
02 Oingo Boingo.mp3

I understand there is a thing with "Wavs" that need it for some reason, but I'm having MP3s only.
Is there ever a reason for the numbers to be needed, certain devices, car radio, etc.?
All of the music has/will have Track # Tags embedded...


Leading disc and track numbers before the title in file names as a convention allows for easier browsing by folder. So your complete folder structure may look something like;
…Music/%artist%/%album%/%discnumber%-%track% %title%

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If you don't care in which order your tracks are played, you don't need track numbers.

As soon as you want to hear your music in the order that your artist intended, it is the best way to use the tracknumber (as tag embedded and as everywhere visible part of your song names).

If you hear audiobooks, track numbers are mandatory, because otherwise you could hear the last chapter before the intro :wink:

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As I stated, I'm talking about the numbers within the "filename", NOT the Track/Tag #'s.

If you want your file browser to display the tracks in order a leading file number helps you. In general a good filename helps you identify what a music file contains. If it is enough for you to use a music player that shows you the files based on the tags you can name the file whatever you want, a random file name such as qzlnvfvutswwjqqh.mp3 would work as well. It just isn't very convenient if you are working with files.

But there are also players that rely on file structure. I just recently had to deal with a hardware player that used only file names for playback order.

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An other aspect:
I have a number of albums / album sets that have identical artist / title info and a lot of doublettes regarding artist/title only in the complete library.
Having the track number in front of the file name makes it a lot less likely that duplicate file names will arise in daily practice and that other measures will be taken to prevent them.