should we have an option of COPYFORMAT TAG

is it possible to have an option of copy paste the format of a tag? what i mean to say is suppose we have a filename as this=


and in our list we have a number of filenames as this. and we have changed one filename to this-
Bcdijklm(only the fourth word has been selected)

if then, if we can copy the format of the said filename and paste to all other filenames . the result would be that all the identical filenames will be changed to the new filename format.( in this case the fourth word will be selected as the new filename).

the idea is to see whether a format is applied to the filename. and then we can apply the same to all other identical filenames. presently we have the filename to filename conversion option in which we have to select all the files and to apply the condition.

I think it is rather difficult to find the intention of the operator:
do you want to have a variable or a constant. It could very well be, that the string
should become
But as there is only one file that is named like this and there will only one file that gets the new name there is hardly any point.

Also: MP3tag does not compare different files. That is the task of the user. And the user then has to define the pattern (if he thinks there is one). Which then is the function that you see in the converter filename-filename.

Just a basic remark: IMHO it does not make real sense to use MP3tag if you only want to fiddle with the filenames. Mp3tag is designed to edit the tags. And from the tags you can then rename the files. But first make sure that the tags are filled properly.