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Is there a way to configure Mp3tag so that when displaying the contents of a folder, it shows all image files as well? Or browse the image files in the folder? I know I can do this by opening a separate Windows folder but it would be handy if one could see all the music, tags, and image files in the same app.

No, you can't see the images themselves.
You cannot see the image files in a folder - they would have to be embedded in tags.

You can add columns in the file list to show ...
... the number of embedded images
... the size of the first image
... the dimensions of the first image.
... the type of the first image
... the format of the first image

WIth this information, it should be possible to find differences.
The tag panel then shows the image if it is the same for all selected files.

Thanks much, it's as I suspected. Good to get confirmation!!

At "Options > Tags" there is [x] Don't display first image from file directory as cover art
If you uncheck it and your files have no embedded cover, you will see one image from the folder (if there is one).

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Good information, thanks!

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