Show ALL metadata for a file on main screen?

Is there a way to show ALL the metadata embedded in a file on the main screen of MP3tag? (Instead of just fields you choose?)

I know you can right click on a file and select "extended tags" but this seems silly.

Why not just have ALL the metadata that is contained in a file show up on the left side of the main screen automatically when you highlight a file?

I know I can select which fields show up on the left side of the screen but again this is silly because there's no point to show all 100+ fields when they may or may not have been be used. (It is also going to be a pain to add all those fields one by one if i want to see ALL data there.)

What would you do with ALL this metadata (other then scrolling down a looooong list of fields with content)?
What do you try to achieve?

It wont be that long... Im not looking for every POSSIBLE field... Im looking for just the fields that have been written to the files i.e. what shows up when you right click and select extended tags.

Why not have this info show up on the main screen instead of adding this extra step?

I think that the tag panel and the extended tags dialogue follow different approaches.
The extended tags dialogue shows what is actually there and you have to remember some kind of complete list to add all the fields that you usually want to fill in the gaps.
The tag panel is a sort of form that you fill in and that helps you to identify the missing information when the input fields in the tag panel stay empty.
So I would think that both have their justification and are not

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