"Show All" tags possible?

Is there a way to have Mp3Tag show all the tags associated to a file? Something like a "ShowAll" master view? I cannot add the Short Description using the Mp3Tag tool directly. I am forced to copy past many times in iTunes which is tedious. I want to add test data, such as "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" using iTunes and then use the "ShowAll" to see which field I need to edit rather than random trial and error. I think iTunes changes these every once ina while. The files I am editing in this case are *.m4v files.

Any ideas?

I've added a screen shot of the iTunes and mp3Tags Extended Tags view from version 2.93.

I am not quite sure if there is a basic misunderstanding:
If a field is not filled, then the data is not present in the file. The metadata part of a file is as short as possible and does not reserve space for any possible field. So there is not "form" to fill in.
Or you develop that form yourself either by adding fields to the tag panel or a column to the files list.
You find a list of supported fields in the help:
It also shows a number of special fields for itunes.

I guess I am asking if there is a "ShowAll" view that I can load that presents all the tags.From the main interface, click View, Customize Columns, Utils. I would like to load a configuration file, if someone has a comprehensive view to share. With this view that would display ALL the tags available on the selected files, I would be able to see all my updates I make to files within iTunes. It would help me identify the name of the tag iTunes uses to store the Short Description data so I can make changes withing mp3tag in bulk rather than iTunes individually.

Do you ask for Alt + T?
In the window called "Extended Tags" you see every tag for the selected file.
If some tag is missing here, Mp3tag can not handle it.


Thanks. You've help me confirm the tag is out of scope for mp3Tag. Editing in iTunes it is.

I am not sure that you got that right: MP3tag shows tag fields that are already there not tags that could be there in the future.
So naturally, you can edit tag fields for which you got a template (and name) in iTunes.
Did you have a look at the help and the list of standard tag fields?
Which field are you missing?


Ohrenkino, you are right. I reviewed the Alt+T suggestion made LyricsLover, a few times, and found the meta tag I needed. It'll make my new additions to my library faster. Thanks to all for commenting. :slight_smile:


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You can also add this as a field for the Tag Panel on the left via "Options > Tag Panel". Make sure to try multiline as field size.

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Awesome, Thanks Florian. I always wondered how to change the side panel. And thanks for the great product too!

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