Show Cover in Ipod classic

Hi everyone,
after crawling through the forum I couldn't find an answer so I'm posting it.
I have just tagged some songs with MP3TAG v2.44 and added as well the covers. They are shown in Windows Media Player but after tranfering them with Yamipod to the Ipod, they are not visible there, not even black. As far as I understand the picture is saved into the MP3 file, but how is the Ipod handling that? Has it to be seperately?

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Your right about that the iPod handles it separately.

On the iPod it's stored in the folder iPod_Control\Artwork

It's stored in files like
ArtworkDB and *.ithmb files

On your PC it's stored in My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Album Artwork\Cache
in ITC2 files (which unpacked are PNG files)

Now to answer your question.
Have you looked at the forum of Yamipod ?