Show deleted files with their real names

What happens if an audio file is deleted- i.e. is send to the Recycle Bin [of Windows 10 at least]? Can the user navigate to the Recycle Bin and find it? Yes: the user can use Windows Explorer to go to something like


and see all of the files with their real names. But what happens when they are loaded to Mp3tag from there? Are they visible on the list in Mp3tag? Yes: but not with their real FILENAMEs but coded ones into something like $RI72H56 or $I73JKA0

So I would like to propose a slight change in how Mp3tag works: so that they files loaded from the Recycle Bin to it would have their real names displayed. The info about those names is apparently at disposal to other pieces of software as the real names are also visible in FreeCommander. But some software also utilizes the same approach as Mp3tag- for example XnView. So it seems that it is a matter of a choice- and what I propose would make Mp3tag slightly more user friendly


just restore them from the recycle bin and then open them

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that! the whole point- to not have to restore them; and then having to navigate to the folder where they were just restored and then navigating / coming back to whatever the user was doing before

AFAIK manipulating files in the waste bin leads to a corrupt waste bin, the files vanish if you rename them - so I would say in all earnesty: stop it. I would not want to have a function that corrupts my system.


yep its a hugely bad idea

dont delete them in the first place or restore them if you do

This is not something Mp3Tag or any other program should support


The whole concept of Recycle Bin is to be able to retrieve the "deleted" files with easy. Of course the user can set the system to disregard that fail-safe and delete them "for real" [i.e. not send them to Recycle Bin but just remove them - or to be precise remove the information about them, so that they would be retrievable from now on with a specialized software]

An the concept behind my proposition is to save some clicks and time when trying to just quickly check something, when that something I know is in the Recycle Bin. I do not want to edit files in Recycle Bin with Mp3tag. I know it may seem a little over the top and most people would not use such function- as they would not even suspect an existence of it. But it existence would not affect theirs way of usage o Mp3tag, the operating system or [inadvertently] their files

As for corrupting Recycle Bin

It already corrupts itself; at least on Windows 7 and 10. To be able to really delete files with very long names and / or with some unusual characters, thus release the space occupied by them, I have to use a trick [rd /s /q c:\$Recycle.Bin]

I have no plans of adding any special handling of file names from files in the recycle bin.

I'm also trying to not show files from the recycle bin at all, but it seems you've found a way of circumventing my safety measures. Probably by dropping the individual files from the recycle bin.


OK, I see

And yes: it is by means of navigating to the Recycle Bin with FreeCommander, selecting and dropping the removed files that I am able to see them in Mp3tag

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