Show Photo Tags

I'd like to be able to see (Change as well would be great) when Photos have Tags embedded in them. I've noticed that some tags embedded in photos are displayed with image (in the properties area on the left side of the program). It would be nice if I could change (remove actually) those tags, or at the very least, have a column that indicates that Photo Tags are present.

Please note that the picture description is not part of the picture but a tag field.
Right now you can already edit that description if you right-click on a picture and use the function for the description.
It is currently not possible to filter for this.

it is also not possible to edit any exif data of picture files as these are part of the picture (which MP3tag does not handle).

I figured it wouldn't be possible to edit it with MP3tag, but if it could show which pictures do have tag fields attached to the photo (a tag column I could sort) I would easily know which files/albums have a picture with picture tags attached and edit them manually. For all my music, I downloaded pictures from the internet (over the years) to embed, and I don't want hidden tag fields within them.

Before I save a cover to my mp3-files I always clear them from metadata with exiftool.
What you could do with MP3tag is export all your already existing artwork, treat it with exiftool and reimport the treated files with Mp3tag.

Look here

Teddybaer, that value for Cover only indicates whether a Cover exists, not whether or not exf data exists within the cover. It would be nice if a value _cover_exf existed, returning an integer value indicating the number of exf Tags that exist (or just 0 if exf data exists but those fields can't be read), -1 if no Tags exists.
I didn't even see a _cover_description in the extended field or information field extensions, which is a parameter that you can set within MP3tag.
Of course, I could be missing something.


Yes, this is so. You can only set the description with the right-click-menu function of the displayed image.
This description has nothing to do with metadata embedded in the picture but is a tag field (which unfortunately cannot be addressed by an MP3tag variable).

I would appreciate this if it is possible.
But possible metadata in pictures are not only exif-tags. There are also XMP, IPTC and JPG-comments.
So I think that making "tabula rasa" in the way I described it with already embedded covers and caring to not embed pictures with metadata is the more practical way. Doing this with exiftools and a customized workflow is no big effort.

Some time ago I even thought myself about tagging the artwork myself but I discarded this.