Show really ALL tags, including unknowns?


There are many tags not listed in placeholders used in Mp3tag (for example SOURCE). Before removing I want to look at them. Is there any way?

I mean something like this:

  1. Export tags of all files with $loop(). Here I need some function like $get_tag_name(x), where x is the number of tag within all tags in that file. So I could get all tags with $get_tag_name(1), $get_tag_name(2), $get_tag_name(3)..., then I put the tagname, when it founded first, to the end of a constant, with $puts(). As a result, I can do a list of the names of all founded tags in all files.

  2. Then, to show (and sort by) founded tags in columns: may I use any (not listed) tagname as placeholder in format %tag_name% in columns and filters?

  1. Yes, you can use Extended Tag View Dialog.

  2. Another way is to create a report file and export all tag field content.
    For dumping out all tag fields read this ...
    How to get a list of all current tags from a mp3 file?
    Lyrics aus Datei importieren?


That is! Many thanks.
$filename(Extra tags.csv)Field;Value
|RATING WMP;<<<.+?>>>

Yes, even tricky, you got it. Thanks for talking back.


Take care - that dialog mixes Mp3tag names and file format names and does not identify which is which.

Sorry, I don't understand you. What do you mean and what is the difference between Mp3tag names and file format names? (Maybe a link?)

Advanced Tags dialog's "Metadata" shows two unlabelled items, the first of which is a name, which may be the name that the MP3tag UI uses to refer to the property e.g. BAND, or if there is none, a name actually used in the file tag e.g. ALBUM ARTIST - not necessarily the same thing. Which name appears depends on Mp3tag's default mapping - see Help "Names and mapping of ID3v2/WMA/MP4 tag fields" - and user mapping - see Options Mapping.