"Show" Tag

I have been using MP3Tag to tag my mp4 files for itunes. Once I upload the files to itunes, the only tag missing is the "show" field (found under the video tab). Can anyone tell me how to add a "show" tag to my mp4 files??

Thanks in advance!!!

The tag field name in Mp3tag for this is TVSHOW

Perfect!! Thank you so much Dano.

Where did the TVShow tag go? I cannot find it in the dropdown of available fields in the Tag Panel options. TVEpisode, TVEpisodeID, TVNetwork, and TVSeason still exist but not TVShow.

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You can type in that name if you don't find it in the list.

Now I see your reply...on a whim I tried that as well and after a few tries was able to add it to the Tag Panel and as a column. Thx!