Show that a track has album art


How can I set it up so that I can see at a glance whether a track has album art embedded in the ID3v2 tag or not? Like an X or something in the "spreadsheet (main) view"?

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You can use %_covers%. If the value is empty, no cover is attached to the file. Otherwise, the variable returns the number of covers inside the tag.


Just a small addition to Sebastian's response:

If you want to display an 'x' for files which have cover art, just create a new column at View > Columns... and enter $if(%_covers%,x,) as Value



Thx for the quick response guys. I tried what you said, and I know it should work, but you can tell from the screenshots that it does not. The majority of the tracks you can see DO have cover art embedded in them. Any ideas?


If you don't use the latest Development Build, you must use $covers() instead of %_covers%


That did the trick, thx.


I've upgraded to 2.35g - changed from the $covers() notation to the %_covers% and it has stopped working for me - any ideas?


Can you please show us the format string you're using %_covers% in? Please note, that %_covers% won't display anything if the file doesn't contain embedded cover art.


Is there any way to switch the order of the cover arts? Like switch cover number 1 with cover number 3? The reason I ask is that I want to see the second cover art in windows media player because it only shows the first cover and I don't want to delete the second one.


I don't think so. You could save all covers to disk, remove them from the tag and then re-add the covers in the order you like.


Oh well thanks anyway. I thought there might've been an action or something. It'd be a nice new feature to add.



I've used the Customise columns option.

Created a column name : Covers
Value : $if(%_covers%,x,) [also tried %_covers%) ]
Field : %_covers%

From what I understand I should get an X if there is an embedded cover? (or a 1 if using the other option).

I seem to be able to add cover art to a file, but its still not recognised as being embedded, even though other prgrams e.g. AudioShell can see the embeeded art (and delete it)

Many thanks for your help


Seems to be okay.

I've attached a screenshot of what it's looking like here.


Florian, thanks for the input, I deleted the customised column, reinstalled 2.35g and reinput the customised column and it all seems to be fine now.

Thanks you very much fro the help and a great app


I was messing about with $if(%_covers%,x,) and got it to work OK

For some unknown reason when I tried to rearrange the column visibility to cover, filename, artist, album etc, the filename column right justified.
I tried to alter this but have now lost the filename column entirely.

I'm certain that this is down to my incompetence rather than a problem with MP3Tag



Incidentally I'm using 2.35g


Maybe you've enabled the Numeric option. Just create a new column for the filename and enter %_filename_ext% in both Value and Field.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Problem solved!!
Thanks for help and a terrific programme




Will this work on version 2.32a? On a Windows ME machine.
I've used the Customise columns option.
Created a column name : Covers
Value : %_covers%)
But the column displays nothing and the file does have cover art inbedded.
The art shows up with Alt+T.
I would like to export it as well with the below, but this will not work at present.
Any help much appreciated.

HEADERLINE01=Title;Artist;Album;Track No.;Length;Size In kb;Year;Genre;Last Modified;Filename.ext;Filename;Ext;Codec;Sample Rate;Bitrate;VBR or CBR;Tag Read;Tags In Use;ID3v1 Tag Size (bytes);ID3v2 Tag Size (bytes);Tag Size (bytes);Folder;Path;Comment;





No this is impossible with 2.32a. It has no cover support at all.


Many thanks.

Still a very good app thought!