show tracks where album and artist are the same

When i have the odd song from an artist and not the full album i just put the album name and artist name as the artist of the song.

I want to change how i tag these songs so would like to know if there is a way i can filter the selection of files to ones where %album% and %artist% are the same.

I.e. if i drag and drop my whole music folder into mp3tag how can i then filter down to only the files that i want.


Though the Mp3tag built in filter section can do powerful selections, I think your task cannot be realized by the filter function.

I recommend to use the hidden power of the user configurable column view.

  1. Open the column setup dialog (Mp3tag/View/Columns).
  2. Add a new column at any column place where you want.
  3. Name it to 'Artist=Album' or what title you want for your new column.
  4. Fill the following string into the value field:
  5. Leave the column setup dialog with OK.
  6. Look at your new column, sort it by clicking on the column title, and you will get all those tracks arranged together at top resp. bottom of the listview where the tag fields 'artist' and 'album' have the same content.


that sounds like it should do the trick, thanks very much!

worked a treat, thanks again