Show Traktor ratings as stars in comment field

Hello there,

I read a lot in the forum, but until now i did not find an answer and I'm not familiar with scripting language.
I rated all my music with tractor, but also like to use other DJ-software, like mixxx.
No I recognized, that the rating of traktor is only shown in traktor.
Traktor writes a field called "POLULARITY" and uses a special code for the rating:|xxx|yyy

xxx is for the rating and yyy for a playcount.
The values of xxx are fixed to:

0 = no value
51 = 1 star
102= 2 stars
153= 3 stars
204= 4 stars
255= 5 stars

In order to use the ratings in both softwares, I would initially like to translate the Traktor rating into stars, that are shown in the comments field.

I would like an action like:
If|51|, than write "" (one star) into the comments field.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I think the field is called POPULARIMETER.
You find a list of fields in the help:

You can create an action of the type Format value for COMMENT
Format string: $replace(%popularimeter%,'|51','*')

and similar ones for the other values.

Check if the replay counter is really set.

Yes your were right! It's called POPULARIMETER and replay counter is always 0.

Therefore I tried the following, that worked perfectly:

In order to edit all tags, I created an actiongroup with 5 single actions, each with type Format value for COMMENT, but the following format strings:


But as result, I get the value|102|0 in comments instead of **.

Alternatively I tried to include popularity in the MP3tag-browser in order to sort the mp3s and oly make the single action with the corresponding mp3s. But in the browser there are only empty values :-(.

Any ideas, how i can correct the action group or alternatively get the values into the browser?

Find there something useful ...


I set up wrong the field in the browser, now it worked as I suggested as a workaround. Thank you all!