Show which files have been changed

Is there any way for Mp3tag to give me a list of what tags and files names have been changed. It would be good to know, especially with file names because I would need to re-import these into iTunes.



I requested this change back in in April 2006 where I just wanted to have the renamed files shown with different color so that I could identify those that were changed.

Florian replied "I can see, that this enhancement might be useful for some people, but I don't see the great benefit at the moment and I don't think that it's worth implementing this."

I still think that this should be a must, specially when you're new to this software and are playing around with all the different options. Currently, unless you isolate a test file(s) to a temporary folder, you have a difficult time "seeing" the effects the MP3TAG has made.

Anyway, I hope you have better luck than me...