Showing chapters on m4b files

I like to show the chapters in my m4b audiobooks. This works fine on the 2.91 release. I have just installed the 2.92 release and they are no longer showing. On reading the release notes I saw that there is a new Advanced option to toggle the showing of chapters on/off. I set it to display chapters but they are still not showing! Have I missed something else that needs setting?

AFAIK the chapter feature is related to video files and not audiobooks...

In which case can I report a change in behaviour in the display of such files between the 2.91 release and the 2.92 release. I would like to get back the 2.91 behaviour if at all possible.

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.92a which I've just released as a hot-fix release for this issue.

The new chapters toggle was not working in all cases, so I found it important to bring this out as soon I had a fix for it.

Thanks for reporting!

It's related to all files that can have chapters, i.e., currently all flavors of MP4 and Matroska.

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