Showing cover artwork dimensions in a column

Is there anything preventing MP3TAG from adding Cover Artwork Dimensions to the list of possible columns to be displayed? If not, is there a way to export this metadata for me to sort externally on a program such as Excel? It's obviously in the metadata as it shows next to the artwork (such as 600x600). I really want to standardize without having to go through thousands of mp3 files individually. Thanks.

No, you can add an additional column easily with these two values:
%_cover_height% x %_cover_width%

As separator between the height and the width you can use whatever you like.
(In the above example I use a Space x Space).

Please be aware that songs without a cover would only show the separator character as visible in the above screenshot.

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Awesome! Thanx. Didn't work at first but then I realized I was using a very old version of mp3Tag. :crazy_face:

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You can do more than just cover dimensions, if you want. Part of my standard column layout (because I'm picky about my covers) is # of covers, cover dim, cover size KB.


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