Showing song numbers with ID3 v2.3 on my Fuze ?

Hi all, first post, long time coming :slight_smile:

One of my Mp3 players is a Sansa Fuze and it only reads v2.3 ID tags. I'd like to know what setting to use in order to see the track number before the title of the song. As it stands, I only see song names, and while the last time I ripped a cd and retagged with Mp3tag it seemed to put the files in the right order, I like seeing the track numbers, just in case. Pity the Fuze can't do file tree sorting, but them's the breaks.

How do I enable this ? Here's what things look like as it stands.

You must put the track numbers in the title tags, e.g. as your filenames.
Easiest way is you overwrite your title tags with the filenames with menu "Conver > filename - tag" and Format string: %title%